When I was a young teen growing up in Montana, me and my best friend Dave would sometimes pretend to be master survivalists. We would get permission from our parents to load our backpacks with powdered milk, beef jerky, and a sleeping bag and head out into the BLM land behind our house outside of Helena for the night.

We had our .22s and each shot a squirrel, skinned them and cooked them over a fire, and pretended to like it LOL. The next morning we were glad to pack up and go home and fix a box of macaroni and cheese!

So I can only imagine what it must be like for people who are actually lost in the wilderness for a while. As a big fan of the History Channel TV series  ALONE, I often wonder how well I would do if I ever got lost.

A couple of nineteen-year-old hikers went missing after they spent some time on a mountain east of Eugene, Oregon. The Sheriff's Department said there was too much snow for a ground search so the Coast Guard put a bird in the air to aid in the search and spotted their S.O.S. written in the snow. Not only did they manage to find the teen hikers, but also another pair of individuals who needed help. (Some folks probably shouldn't leave the city limits!) For the full story click HERE.


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