Just call me Helpy Helperton from Helperville! This poor young lady needs your assistance in making her dreams come true! Time for Tri-Citians to step up and help out this lil buttercup ....Check out the post from her mom Nicole

. Hi..... I am Hannah, I’m daydreaming about miss me jeans and expensive makeup, to which my mom responds with “get a job sis”! So in an effort to start making some hard earned cash to finance my daydreams, I am available for all your babysitting needs! I recently learned how to boil water so cooking has been added as one of my qualifications, I also am no stranger to vacuuming and dishes as well, because my mom thinks I shouldn’t just lay around all summer, if you need help surviving the long summer days with your kids at home or would like a night on the town,
🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m your girl!


Posts like this makes me happy! atta girl Nicole and good luck Hannah...adulting really sucks.

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