I thought that this was something that only came from science fiction movies or episodes of The Simpsons! It was a figment of my imagination.....until now!

The Doughnut Burger in all it's glorious sweetness, gooeyness, blood sugar poppin' goodness is going to make it's debut at The New York State Fair this year. The Big Kahuna Burger is a 1/4 lb patty shoved between 2 halves of a grilled doughnut. Add cheese, bacon, lettuce & tomato and you have a masterpiece built for a king. AND! It's only 1500 calories! The cost between $5 & $6.

America's state fairs can be counted on to provide foods featuring offbeat ingredient combinations. Wisconsin has chocolate covered bacon on a stick, you can get fried beer in Texas, Massachusetts provides fried jelly beans and North Carolina has the Koolickle, pickles soaked in Kool-Aid. Yummy!

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