I remember the first time I ever saw the abandoned schoolhouse on Pasco-Kahlotus Road. Like many others, I had to pull over and get pictures. While scrolling through Facebook this weekend, I saw that a fellow named Michael took a great shot of it and posted it with the comment that it was featured in the movie The Basket.

Check out Benton City's Real News and Information on Facebook to see Michael's beautiful photo.

I had never heard of that movie so I did some investigating. It actually has some big stars in it! Peter Coyote and Karen Allen star with two of John Travolta's older siblings Joey Travolta and Ellen Travolta. The movie takes place after World War I and came out in 1999.

You can watch the entire thing free with ads on YouTube below. I haven't watched the whole thing yet, but I am gathering that the poor schoolhouse needs funds and there was an ad that said you could win $500 if you beat this particular Spokane basketball team. So the teacher hangs a basket on the side of the schoolhouse and the kids start practicing. There's a bigger message in the movie as well about a changing America after World War I.


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