It was at least 104 degrees in the Mid-Columbia yesterday, and some dingleberry thought it might be a nice day for a bomb threat. About 8 o'clock in the morning on Tuesday (6/1), Pasco Police responded to the King City Truck Stop area, where there was a bomb threat at a construction business. Who done it? Disgruntled worker? Somebody who dislikes construction? What's the reason for a friggen bomb threat at a construction company? Well, the manager of that business did the right thing and took no chances. He made sure all of his employees were evacuated and moved to safety. Hanford Patrol showed up with a bomb-sniffing dog and the ATF and FBI were standing by with assistance if needed. The roads in the area were closed and the good guys took control of the situation.

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Turns out there was no bomb, no suspicious packages, not even a little ladyfinger firecracker. Naturally, this messed with a lot of folks as far as stopping work, not to mention stopping traffic. Police would like to know the identity of said dingleberry. If you have any info, please see the post below from the Pasco Police Dept.




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