After a 2 year hiatus from the Tri-Cities Water Follies, the crowd favorite Oberto hydroplane returns in 2018!

I was surprised when I was flipping through this years program to see the old familiar colors of the Oberto. Known as the U-1918, the Oberto boat is back this year and driven by Cal Phipps.

The Oberto is not expected to win according to experts, but I know I will be rooting for them this weekend with my daughter! (it is her favorite boat)

In case you don't know what a hydroplane is:

H1 Unlimited hydroplanes are the fastest racing boats in the world and their races are sanctioned by the American Power Boat Association, doing business as H1 Unlimited.  The majority of the H1 boats are powered by turbine-engines that produce 3,000 horsepower, allowing the H1 Unlimited hydroplanes to reach speeds of nearly 200 mph, producing a massive 60-foot tall, 300-foot long wall of water called a “roostertail” behind them.  With very few restrictions, these majestic hydroplanes race in front of shorelines packed with fans on bodies of water throughout the United States.

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