A liquid nitrogen ice cream shop opens in Kennewick today! You may have seen something like this on Shark Tank. The process is pretty cool and very fun to watch.

Every time I order a food product on the Internet that is packed in dry ice, iwe always place the chunks into a sink of warm water to watch the misty-magical fun. (Don't touch it with your bare hands! It's so cold it will freeze several layers of skin off!)

This is very similar. First, you choose the flavors you want in your ice cream. Then fresh cream is mixed into a bowl with the ingredients you chose. At this point, it's completely liquid.

But then it gets a blast of liquid nitrogen at -321 degrees! And suddenly you have ice cream!

Sub-Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream is opening in Kennewick at 321 North Columbia Center Boulevard.

Here's a video I found from a few years ago of someone in one of their shops in another city and state.


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