According to, curling is believed to be one of the oldest team sports. Have you ever thrown a rock across a frozen lake? Now throw that rock, let it slide just the right distance, and try to get it to stop in a certain spot.

Now let's say your friend throws a rock trying to land in the same certain spot, knocks your rock out of the way and ends up perfectly on the target. Basically, that's how curling was born.

Before modern technology made it possible to play ice sports indoors, curling was played on frozen lochs and ponds. Early on, a smooth granite stone was used to travel over the ice. Curling was once called "The Roaring Game" because of the roar coming from the noise of the granite as it's scooted along.

While I find it hard to watch curling for more than a few minutes, it is very popular worldwide. However, I ran across a funny YouTube video about Cat Curling. Now, this I could watch all day!

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