Here's a new list that ranks nine types of travel from least safe to most safe, based on the number of deaths for every one billion miles traveled.  Motorcycles are the least safe, below walking and cycling.  Trains are the safest, just ahead of buses and airplanes.

Earlier this week, new stats came out that proved air travel is the SAFEST it's ever been in our lifetime.  You only have a one in 45 MILLION shot at dying on an airplane.

A British newspaper dug even deeper, and ranked nine methods of traveling by safety.  To standardize the list, they ranked everything by total deaths for every one billion miles traveled.  Here are the rankings from most to least dangerous:

#9.)  Motorcycles.  125 deaths per billion miles.

#8.)  Walking.  41 deaths.

#7.)  Bicycles.  35 deaths.

#6.)  Ferries.  20 deaths.

#5.)  Space shuttles.  Seven deaths.  We can all REMEMBER fatal shuttle disasters, but only 18 out of 530 people have ever died on one.

#4.)  Cars.  Four deaths.

#3.)  Planes.  0.5 deaths.

#2.)  Bus.  0.5 deaths.

#1.)  Trains.  0.2 deaths.

Trains are about 1,400 times safer than motorcycles, 400 times safer than walking, and 20 times safer than cars.  (Daily Mail)

Wherever you plan to travel this long President's Day weekend - may it be safe!