With her eclectic style and signature red lips, South Carolina native Nikki Lane is hard to miss. But it's really her unapologetic blend of outlaw country, Americana, blues and rock that has captured listeners' attention and made them hungry for more. Her voice isn't sweet as silk and smooth as honey -- it's gritty and fiery and uninhibited ... much like her persona.

Lane, who has been referred to as "The First Lady of Outlaw Country," is a high-school dropout, fashion and vintage lover, store owner and ridiculously talented singer-songwriter. She's also relatively new to the latter scene: Fans may be surprised to know that Lane didn't write her first song until she was 25 years old; in some ways, she sees herself as a late bloomer.

"I’ve written under 100 songs and recorded half that many, so I’m still kind of a novice and still growing into my own," Lane told Lone Star Music Magazine in 2017; in fact, she barely knew how to play guitar when she released her first album!

Lane has released three albums so far, with 2017's Highway Queen as her most recent record. Want to know more about her? Click through the photo gallery below:

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