Are you like me and undecided what you are doing and where you are going to celebrate  ringing in the new year in? Well, I have found a few parties and celebrations for your one stop shop convenience.

Of course my first choice for you is going to be the Palm Bar & Grill in Benton City, only because that is my home away from home and most likely the place I will be sipping champagne at midnight. The Palm plans to do a fun night of karaoke, party favors and a free champagne toast at midnight. However, if you decide against the Palm I won't fault you and even give you the list.....

How about an old school party at Power Up Arcade Bar? Click the button below for party details

Maybe some live music with Badlandz at Whiskey River Bar and Grill!

How about a blast from the past with the Roaring 20's Party at the Dugout in Richland?

Maybe some fine wine from Tagaris!

Amendment XXI has your Roaring into the 20's party too (catchy theme this year)

Live on the Edge for the end of the year at the Edge Steak house, they are rolling out the red carpet!

The always popular First Night Tri-Cities 2019

I am sure there are plenty more celebrations to ring in the new year, these are just a few I ran across to make your decision planning a little more easy after the holidays. Hope you all have fun and stay safe this new year and throughout the holiday season. Be sure to get that ride lined up and get home safe.



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