I like target shooting. I'd rather go through a few boxes of ammo than go to the movies. I'd rather spend an afternoon cleaning my guns than a day at the fair.

I did a lot of hunting when I was younger, but these days I'd rather shoot an animal with my camera. I simply like target shooting.

For gun enthusiasts, there is nothing better than New Gun Day. Maybe it's a birthday or other special day that you get to buy a new gun. Maybe you just finally saved up enough money to get that new pistol you've been wanting.

But Washington lawmakers want to rain on my New Gun Day again. The days of walking into a gun store, finding the gun you've wanted for so long and saved up for, and walking out with it that they are over. Background check and 2 weeks of waiting.

Even your concealed carry permit, the one that used to be called a Good Guy Card, doesn't carry any weight anymore. You have to wait for the additional background check. But that's not enough.

Hey, we told you that criminals would always have guns no matter what. It doesn't matter how illegal you make them, criminals will always have them. I'm just a law-abiding citizen who likes to target shoot. Now Washington State lawmakers are introducing additional gun restrictions that they think will save the universe from evil.

It's getting so ridiculous, when will it end? I have several friends who like to buy gun parts and put together their own cool hybrid guns. Now they want to make that a felony! What else can they think of? Read the full story proposed new gun restrictions HERE.

Inflation is at a 40 year high. Maybe lawmakers ought to work on that and let me target shoot.

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