The men and women in blue will be getting a new facility in West Richland, very soon and you can be there! Kinda... The groundbreaking ceremony for the new West Richland Police facility will occur on Thursday, February 4th and you are invited to virtually attend!  Due to the Healthy Washington Roadmap to Recovery Phase 1 status, the event is being held on the West Richland Police Department’s Facebook live.

Voters approved a 12.5 million dollar bond to construct and equip a 22,500 square foot building. The City of West Richland purchased the 93-acre “racetrack property”, located near the intersection of Keene and Van Giesen, and plan to make it the new home for the new police facility. The placement of the new facility will be just to the north of the racetrack oval.

If everything goes as planned the completion date will be December 2021 and they will have another live event for ribbon cutting and celebration scheduled for all to attend.
For me, personally this is bittersweet. My kids grew up at that racetrack and we spent almost every Saturday (and sometimes Friday) watching the race. The smell of burning tires, burnt clutches and popcorn will be forever engraved in my head. I was a single mom, in my late twenties when I would drag my three kids to the racetrack and it was just what I we did together! By the end of each night I would always end up with one or the other asleep in my arms as I would watch as the final checkered flag was waved.
Maybe just for memory sake I will go burn a few donuts in their parking lot after it's finished!

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