There is a new coffee shop opening in Pasco tomorrow, and this is pretty exciting! I am not just talking about the coffee either. This coffee shop is going to offer some delicious goodies from local businesses also! They will be serving cookies from The Cookie Bar and bagels from Some Bagels and Gelato. This new coffee shop will be called Fuel Up Cafe Coffee. You'll find them off Broadmoor boulevard right behind the Numerica bank building. It's pretty cool that they are offering baked goods from other local businesses, and they will feature a wide variety of other food options and cold drinks as well. I don't know about you, but even in the Winter, I like iced coffee. I'll take it hot in the morning but anytime after that, it's always iced. I like an iced carmel latte, sugar-free, fat-free, yep skinny all the way!  Do you ever make your own ice coffee at home? It's really easy to do with an espresso maker. I have a cheap one and love it. It's a Mr. Coffee espresso maker.  A shot of espresso, a splash of sugarfree carmel syrup, and some skim milk! A  Shot of espresso some sugar free Carmel syrup and some skim milk all iced down. It tastes pretty much like what they make in the coffee shops but it doesn't cost $6 lol.

For the full story on Fuel Up Cafe Coffee, their hours and about the owners, click HERE.



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