The Palm Bar & Grill in Benton City has been around for decades, but you have never seen the Palm like it is today! New owners took over last year and they have done nothing but exceed expectations of breathing new life into it. Chances are, if you have visited the Palm in the last six months you have met Ron, Kelsi, or Nick. They are the proud new parents of a handful of employees and they spend much of their time fixing things that were broken, cleaning things that were dingy, and planning fun activities for everyone to enjoy.

Not only have they given the Palm a face-lift, but they have also recently added breakfast to the menu. They test-drove breakfast on Sundays for a bit and have decided it passed the test and can now graduate to Saturday and Sunday! The Palm will now be open both Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and will serve breakfast until noon. Breakfast includes items like biscuits and gravy, chicken-fried steak, bacon, ham or sausage breakfast, and of course a broken wrist bloody mary! For those of you who enjoy a big fat cheeseburger early in the morning, the lunch menu will be available at opening also.

We always encourage you to shop local and support locally owned businesses, so next time you are trying to decide where to go grab a weekend breakfast, we suggest you take a little drive out to the Palm Bar & Grill in Benton City.

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