Have you ever experienced an earthquake in Washington? Years ago, while living in California, I experienced a few. I found them fascinating and was grateful they didn't cause any damage. Although, one did wake me up. It felt like something slammed into my apartment building. Alas, it was just an earthquake.

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As of today, the MyShake app is available for download by residents of Washington who would like advance notice of a possible earthquake.

The FREE app is available in the Apple Store and in GooglePlay.

According to the Washington Emergency Management Division:

“Getting seconds of warning before an earthquake strikes may not sound like much, but it is plenty of time to drop, cover and hold on to protect yourself,” said Maximilian Dixon, the geologic hazards supervisor for the Washington Emergency Management Division. “Practicing how to drop, cover and hold on as soon as you get an alert, or feel earthquake shaking, will help you to do it even faster. I’d like to thank Cal OES for their amazing partnership and providing this service for free to our residents and visitors.”

The MyShake earthquake early warning app has been downloaded more than 1.6 million times since it became available in 2019.

The app sends an alert to mobile phone users when shaking is about to occur. The system can estimate an earthquake's size, location, and impact.

To learn more and download the app, click the button below.

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