I was reading an article of classic sandwiches, and I must say I believe they are way off base. {click here} Even in  it's greatest moment, a sandwich is two slices of bread with filling. Do we really need a sandwich with 4 types of lettuce and imported Pakistan mustard. KISS, keep it simple stupid. I am a firm believer that a real sandwich does not contain melted cheese, or come in a pita pocket and has no mayonnaise near it, period! Unlike other foods, the best sandwich is the one you made yourself with just the right amount of ingredients and love are added. I have to confess, though American through and through, peanut butter and jelly is not on my favorite list. Early on in life I would much prefer a mustard and cheese sandwich over pb&j, maybe because everyone else were eating them and I needed to be different. I know my mom never understood it. The beauty and simplicity of a sandwich is it can go every where you go as long as it is in the glad sandwich bag for freshness. Airplanes, hunting, movies( just be quiet when you unwrap it) heck, an astronaut even hid some in his space suit and took them into orbit, true story. I believe the worst sandwich I ever had was when I was  fishing with my dad and uncle, when I was all of ten years old. We were out in a boat so our options were limited, we had bread, mustard and a can of sardines. Let's leave it at that, shall we. So here in order are my three favorite sandwiches.

#3  Tuna on white bread, with a slab of yellow mustard with sharp cheddar. The tuna is mixed up with ranch dressing and cubed dill pickles, served with a side of barbecued chips.

#2  Bologna (two slices) two slices of American cheese, tomato (sliced thick) lettuce and an ample amount of mustard. Tim's barbecued chips layed on top of the cheese and smashed between the two pieces of bread. Served with a big glass of cold milk.

#1  Thinly sliced roast beef on sourdough bread. A large portion of honey mustard with a dab of horseradish. Deli Swiss cheese, and one avocado sliced lengthwise. Ad lettuce, and serve. served with a side ofbarbecued chips and a large portion of pimento olives.

Let's share, what is your favorite sandwich?

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