Multiple witnesses reported seeing strange lights in the sky over Dallas, Texas, recently.

In the video, which was posted in November 2020, we see four mysterious lights come together to make a diamond-shaped formation and then move into a straight line before disappearing behind some trees. We then see two more lights emerge in a line from behind another set of trees.

According to the video’s description, the lights were witnessed by people in an 80-mile radius. The video was filmed by Javier Estrada III, who said he’s convinced what he saw was extraterrestrial:

I was visiting family for my grandma’s birthday and happened to look up. What I saw mesmerized me. I saw glowing lights hovering real slow and that’s when I knew it was something out of the ordinary – not scary, just crazy to look at. I do believe in extraterrestrials so the first thing that came to mind was a UFO. As soon as I saw it, I was starstruck – it seemed so real.

I’ll go ahead and throw it out there that I’m one of those who believes in aliens. I’ve always had a hard time believing we’re the only living creatures in the universe.

Now, as far as this video goes, I’m not convinced what we’re seeing is extraterrestrial. However, at this point, they’re most certainly unidentified and flying, so as of right now, they’re legit UFOs.

What do you think? Were we being visited by aliens or is it some sort of super-secret project? I’ll go with the latter.

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