Have you ever been to Mount Hood? I haven't. It sure looks beautiful!

My husband Jeff and I have been looking for places to go stargazing. I'm told that Mount Hood has some fantastic viewing spots to throw a blanket down and watch to our heart's content. I've done some looking online and it seems like a stargazer's paradise.

My husband has 3 telescopes. Should we pack 1, or all 3?


I'm in the camp that says, "Don't pack any!" I'm hoping that just packing a blanket will be enough. You tell me.

I've been on a few websites, and it seems that just looking into the night sky seems enough. If you have any great recommendations of where to go and stay, we would love your input.

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And, if you're like us, and are wanting to check out any Mount Hood areas, I've come across the following sites.

One of the most popular is Lost Lake.

It seems pretty interesting with A-frame cabins, yurts, and glamping yurts to rent.

So...this is the only place I've researched. I'm hooked on it because when I research more, I start price-checking.  Who knows how much time is wasted, when I can actually get a reservation in, and then have a trip to look forward to? Just get it done, right?

When I find a place, I'm good. If you've experienced a wonderful area to stargaze near Mount Hood, I'd love to know about it. You can email me at patti.banner@townsquaremedia.com. Any tips you have are appreciated.

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