No injuries were reported in a vehicle fire on I-82 near Umatilla Monday afternoon.

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According to the Umatilla County Fire District #1 Facebook posting:

Shortly after 1:30 pm, Umatilla County firefighters responded to find a class A motorhome and the truck it was towing fully engulfed. Due to the high winds, the fire crossed the on-ramp and started a brush fire, which was quickly extinguished.

According to Franklin County Fire District 3, since the temps have heated up, the fire danger in the area has also increased. And, conditions are very dry.

Fire Danger

And, with the Memorial holiday coming up, it's traditionally thought of as the first weekend of summer.
A lot of people gather to enjoy Barbecues and picnics.

The Pasco Fire Department reminds you to make sure your grill is operating properly. Always when grilling, make sure the grill is NOT too close to anything that can burn.

Here's a video of grilling safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association.

While having fun outdoors, practice wildfire safety. Never park any vehicles, including recreational vehicles, on dry vegetation. The exhaust system could get hot enough to ignite the vegetation.

Make sure to dispose of lit smoking materials in a cup of water.

If you're operating an off-road vehicle, you need to have an approved working spark arrester.

It's always smart to know the current wildfire risk in the area. And keep up with burn restrictions.

When conditions are dry, the Washington Department of Natural Resources recommends the following home landscaping tips:

  • Work in the mornings or late evenings to avoid the hottest parts of the day, and postpone your work when the weather calls for low humidity or high wind
  • Keep a water hose or bucket or fire extinguisher on hand
  • Use a nylon or plastic weed whacker line instead of metal
  • Be careful not to set a hot tool down on dry grass or leaves
  • Allow power engines to cool before refueling, and make sure the hot exhaust is kept away from dry grasses, weeds, and shrubs - only use such equipment that’s in good repair and has spark arresters installed. when applicable
  • Stay home for an hour after finishing your work - this way you’ll be around to notice if anything begins to smolder and smoke
DNR is required by state law to investigate and then prosecute those discovered to have caused a wildfire. Please do your part to ensure that person is never you.

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