We had a white Christmas and it was lovely! However, getting back in to work having to drive in snowy conditions is never fun. We had a break from the white stuff enough to get the main roads clear, but we're not out of the woods yet.

The National Weather Service is predicting more winter weather for the Tri-Cities area. According to weather.com we're getting a winter mix late tonight and through tomorrow. We'll maybe creep a bit over freezing, just enough to get some lovely freezing rain. It will turn to regular rain showers, but with the cold temperatures it will freeze creating icy conditions. So driving safely through Friday will be extra important.

Heavy Snow Fall Hits Southern England
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The good news is that we should get up to the 40s by the weekend and most of the ice and snow should melt. Perfect timing for your New Year's celebrations! Of course, winter has really just begun, so we can be pretty sure we haven't seen the last of winter storms for the season. But at least NYE should be good for driving, or getting that taxi or Uber home!

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