The Tri-City Herald reported today that a developer has the green light to create a new development in south Richland called Falcon Crest. This is expected to add almost 600 vehicles per day to local streets.The project, formerly dubbed The Crest, met with opposition from neighbors due to its density. Developer Milo Bauder decided to scale back the density and has rebranded the project. The area is known as the saddle of Badger Mountain and is near Crested Hills.

If the homes are built, the new families would likely take Morency Drive to Gage Boulevard. Morency is already at near capacity and could not handle the 500 or so extra cars the development may bring, the article said.

Baum Street may be extended to give an extra point of exit, but that section of Gage Boulevard would still see the additional traffic.

The development is legal and has already been approved, but the planning commission will hear public comment Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. at the Richland City Hall at 505 Swift Boulevard.