Do you believe in werewolves? If you answer yes, you'll likely hear laughter and have your sanity questioned. Tell that to several Missouri families who have shared stories of some type of beast roaming the farmlands where they live.

The What If It's True Podcast shared several new stories about possible supernatural encounters in rural Missouri. The tales begin around the 10 minute mark. I've set it to begin there to save you some time to get to the good stuff.

If you don't have an hour to burn, I'll summarize the Missouri werewolf stories for you.

1. The first story is based around the Bagnell Dam area in the 1930's. It's the less-populated part of the Lake of the Ozarks when you get out of the tourist areas. It involves a grandmother and granddaughter who hear loud sounds outside of their country home. The grandmother tells the granddaughter to make sure all the doors are locked. She responds that werewolves are just old wives tales. It's at that point where red eyes are spotted outside and heavy footsteps are heard on the wooden porch area of the farm home. They hurried to lock the doors when SOMETHING tried to turn the handle. Yikes.

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2. The second story involves a backpacking trip into the Missouri woods in the summer of 1985 begins around the 20 minute mark. Two guys were heading to a house in the woods and both were armed with high-powered rifles. They decided to explore an overgrown trail and perhaps do some hunting. They noticed that the woods were more silent than they should be. They figured they had just scared the animals off by making too much noise. It was then that they heard a grunt in the trees. They thought it might be a startled buck. It wasn't. They walked another half mile and did not see any deer. They did find the old house they had been looking for. Despite the fact that it appeared run-down, they decided to explore it. In the upstairs area, they found a huge nest which had bones from small animals like rabbits in it.

Shortly after discovering the nest, they heard a grunt outside. They looked out of the window and fired a warning shot which resulted in another grunt sound. Shortly after that, a large rock came flying at them next to the house followed by a roar. After firing their weapons as a warning, they heard something tearing up the brush between the trees. As the fled, they saw what looked like a large hairy man covered in black hair around 30 yards away and it was throwing tree branches at them. They estimated it was around 7 feet tall. As they fled, they heard sounds from multiple directions. They were running out of ammunition as they ran away firing rounds to attempt to scare off whatever was now pursuing them. When they finally made it to their truck, they could still hear huge sounds in the trees. They didn't wait around to see WHAT was after them.

Was it a werewolf or the legendary Missouri Dogman? Decide for yourself. It sounds crazy, but stories like these have been told for generations carried down within the families that claim they experienced them. You can decide for yourself if they're exaggerated imaginations or if something evil does lurk in the rural Missouri woods.

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