Janis Clardy
Janis Clardy

Twenty years...

Seems like forever when you are a kid but the time sure flies when you get old!

Mike Hopp, a long time friend of mine finally got old! Back in 1995 I moved to the state of Washington, knowing no one, I got a job at Red Robin in Richland and that is where I first met Mike. Mike was my boss, and I would be lying if I said he didn't infuriated me more often than not! I always felt like he was giving me the hard jobs (Beauties), he was very militant and made me walk the line, so to speak. After many years of working together, Red Robin closed their doors permanently.

Everybody went down different paths and now looking back at the way Mike was Mr. bossy pants, it makes sense that he was destined to become a police officer! That is exactly what he did! I can see now that he only had my best interest at heart and even though I had to polish the damn brass along the bottom of the bar it was for my own good! Not only did I get a lifetime friend, the community received a very dedicated, hard working police officer. For twenty long years he has served and protected!

Mike began his career on the force in April 2001, he became sergeant after 5 years and served as a sergeant until 2013. In December 2013 he was promoted to Assistant Chief. He was part of the Grandview SWAT team and he was the agency's sniper (I knew he was watching me when I did my beauties). Mike has loved his community and has been proud to serve with some of the best Officers and dispatchers.

But wait!! He will still be serving his community! That's right, while serving he was also busy opening TWO businesses! He has traded in his Kevlar for Taps and will still be serving you!

Alongside his wife (Dashia, also a part of the Red Robin gang) he has managed to open two successful bar/restaurants in Richland. He can be found at Bombing Range Brewing Company and the Dive Bar, brewing it up full time!

Today is the last day on the force for Mike...Mike, thank you for your service, we take our hat off to you and good luck with all that is to come, see you for a cold brew soon!


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