Area where fields to be built, near East "A" and Elm Street (Google street view)
Area where fields to be built, near East "A" and Elm Street (Google street view)

According to new plans unveiled by the city of Pasco, there will be new fields coming to the east end of town.

    Pasco has plans for 10-field complex.

The first phase has been unveiled and would include 3 of eventually ten fields. According to KEPR-TV and city sources, eventually, the project would have the capability for soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and other sports.

There's a lot of open real estate near where the proposed project would be, by the intersection of East "A" Street and Elm in Pasco.

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Phase 1 would see the construction of three soccer-multi-use fields, which would be paid for at a cost of $1.3 million from the city park development fund as well as state grants.

According to the City of Pasco website:

" The project calls for the extension of Elm Street to the south to give access to the site, a parking lot, a walking path along the new road, a drinking fountain, a shelter for portable toilets, and the development of grass playing field areas large enough to hold 3 full-sized 210' x 330' multi-use sports fields."

Next week during the council meeting, formal approval on Phase 1 will be voted on by the council. These fields would greatly increase sports capacity in the city, and also allow for a lot more tournaments and other events that bring in teams from all over the region--which helps the local tourism economy.

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