What in the world is going on in the Tri-Cities lately?

Hot on the heels of the Fred Meyer shooting incident, Kennewick Police report that a man walked into a gun store in Kennewick and asked to look at a particular pistol. I am a target shooting enthusiast and it is a common practice to want to handle a gun before you buy it.

Every gun store employee goes through basically the same motions before handing you a gun and they always check to make sure it's not loaded.

Once this man was handed the gun, he immediately loaded it, presumably with bullets he brought, aimed it at gun store employees, and began pulling the trigger several times.

I'm not sure if it was the wrong ammo or divine intervention, but the gun did not fire! He then put the firearm on the counter and ran out of the store. This guy has to be stopped right away. This could literally have an assassination.

On a side note, the perpetrator is also lucky to be alive. Many gun stores allow their employees to carry their own personal, fully loaded firearms, so he's lucky he didn't get blown away right there.

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