Washington and Oregon are famous for Bigfoot sightings. But should Bigfoot, or the much friendlier Mrs. Bigfoot be crashing your kid's birthday party? It seemed like a good idea at the time, after all, Mrs. Bigfoot was available that day. But the terrified children went running and screaming as she peeked around the corner! Mrs. Bigfoot was even carrying colorful balloons, was wearing a tutu, and had a ribbon in her hair. But the frightened kids only saw a very scary face on poor Mrs. Bigfoot, who had the best of intentions.

Maybe next time they could do an arachnophobia birthday party, with hundreds of plastic spiders oozing out of the cake and hanging from the ceiling.

Or how about hiring "Herpe the Clown." You can imagine what he looks like.

Maybe an Exorcist-themed birthday party? The kids could eat pea soup and gather around the big screen TV to watch the movie!

How about if dad dresses up like Leatherface and the first present opened is a brand new bloodied chainsaw!

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