The Central Washington State Fair is set for September 25 through October 4 however the President and General Manager Kathy Kramer says because of COVID-19 concerns major changes are planned. Yakima County will need to be in phase 4 to allow the fair to operate in late September and Kramer knows that's highly unlikely so she says they're planning for a much smaller event that won't run the regular 10 days.

The fair board is holding a meeting on Monday and plan to make a formal announcement at the end of the month. Kramer says she's been working with the Yakima Health District and they're talking right now about a smaller event that could feature some fair food and give people a fair experience maybe over a weekend in September.
Officials with the nearby Benton Franklin Fair & Horse Heaven Round-Up announced Thursday state restrictions about COVID-19 are too difficult to hold events in late August.

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