Luke Bryan's booty-shaking skills just don't quit -- even when he's doing them from the floor of the stage. The singer recently took a tumble while he was in the middle of a show in Raleigh, N.C., but he quickly turned the embarrassing moment into a chance to ham it up for the crowd.

Fan-captured footage shows the singer in the middle of a performance of "That's My Kind of Night," where he was busting out some cheesy dance moves and laughing with the crowd. All that laughing and goofing around meant he didn't see the electrical tape on the stage behind him, and down he went: But as he hit the ground, Bryan didn't even miss a beat of the song.

In fact, he sang the rest of "That's My Kind of Night" from the floor. Any fans who were concerned he might have hurt himself quickly had their fears laid to rest, when Bryan started incorporating a little from-the-floor pelvic thrusting into his improvised dance routine.

Well before the final chorus, Bryan was back on his feet again, gasping with laughter at the fall and treating the crowd to even more outrageous booty-shaking maneuvers than before his spill. Safe to say, Bryan didn't break any bones -- but he did give the crowd a night they'll never forget.

Bryan is currently out on the road for his Raised Up Right Tour, which is set to continue through late October. Riley Green and Mitchell Tenpenny are also on the bill.

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