Luke Bryan likely bit off more than he could chew when it came to planting his corn farm. Now, the country music star is in the red as far as hawking the several acres' worth of sweet corn he cultivated.

That's how the entertainer and expert prankster put it to Taste of Country Nights during a recent radio interview. Perhaps Bryan should've listened when the crooner's peanut farmer father, Tommy, warned him of the difficulty.

"Trust me; you're gonna regret it," Bryan recalls his dad telling him.

But that didn't deter him at the start.

"I called my dad, and I'm like, 'Dad, I wanna plant a big plot of sweet corn,'" Bryan remembers to ToC Nights hosts Evan and Amber. "He's like, 'How big?' I told him, like, four or five acres. He said, 'Son, you're an idiot. You won't even know what to do with that much sweet corn.'"

The singer continues with a twinge of humor, "Me and my nephew Til — who has abandoned me, I haven't seen him since the sweet corn started coming in — he and I planted it. It's almost like when you plant something like that, you don't know what problem you're creating."

Maybe Bryan's oversized ambition caused the problem — yet it's that same determined work ethic that's served him so well in music and television. As the singer himself tells it, he has some issues curbing his desire for the biggest and best when it comes to, well, just about anything.

"Small-scale stuff, I really have trouble with it," Bryan explains. "But if I can build a 10-acre bass lake, no, I'm gonna build a 20-acre bass lake. Or if I can get the 33-inch tires, I'm gonna try and get the 35-inch tires."

Hence, the five acres of sweet corn he ended up with.

Unfortunately, that eager enthusiasm didn't quite translate to the farm. The "What Makes You Country" performer is now sitting on a hefty amount of sweet corn, and he still has all the heavy equipment he purchased.

"I bought a tractor, a tiller, a planter, a plow, fertilizer [but] … essentially, it was a money-losing endeavor," Bryan admits. "Yeah, I'm in [for] a lot. I think I've only sold about $1,100 worth of sweet corn. So I'm about $30,000 in the hole on this farming operation."

Interestingly, it wasn't just Bryan's dad who warned him of farming's toil. It looks like his mother, LeClaire, also tried to talk some sense into him at the outset. On an Instagram video of the singer harvesting his crop, his mom commented, "Maybe you will start listening to your mama."

Oh well. Here's to the farmer. Bryan still has something to look forward to: His new studio album, Born Here Live Here Die Here, is out Friday (Aug. 7).

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