Who hasn’t bumped into someone at the store or other social setting and felt a connection, only to regret not asking for a phone number or meeting up for a drink or coffee? It’s happened to almost everyone and it happens so often that many go to great lengths to reconnect on Tri-Cities Miss Connections.

Below is a list of recent posts from local folks who felt a deep connection and didn’t take action. Some of these are pretty dang funny and others are a bit kinky. Either way, the intention here is to help them with their search and have a little fun with their creative writing and requests at the same time. Scroll down for the latest Tri-Cities Missed Connections or if you're looking for someone as well, make your own post.

Tri-Cities Area December Missed Connections

The month of December could’ve been a lot warmer around the Tri-Cities had these love connections not been missed. They might be lonely, they might need a friend, or as one male put it, “all I want to do is snuggle”. Either way, these brave love seekers aren’t shy about what and who they’re looking for on Craigslist’s Missed Connections. 

5 Weirdly Named and Strangely Famous Small Towns in Washington

Most towns and cities in Washington are named after Native American tribes. Others are named after families or local monuments. Here are five small Washington towns with strange or interesting names and the history behind them. These include the birthplace of United Airlines, murder, mystery, and just plain fun.

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