The Mega-Millions jackpot was raised to 540-million dollars for Friday, March 30th no doubt it will raise again before the drawing. Check Out some of the negatives from past lottery winners.

  • Steve Granger, 53, of Henderson, N.C., won $900,000 in the West Virginia Lottery

    He received about $600,000 after taxes and put most of it away for his and his wife's retirement. But he says there have been unpleasant moments. All of a sudden everybody knows your business, everybody knows what you have. At a party recently, Granger heard someone say in an ugly tone, "There go those lottery people," as he and his wife passed by. A man he hardly knew asked him to invest in a gold mine.

  • Patricia and Erwin Wales of Buxton, Maine, win a huge share of 41 million

    In 2001, Patricia and Erwin Wales of Buxton, Maine, were sued by co-workers who claimed to be co-winners. The lawsuit was dropped, but lawyer Terrance Garney said a new beginning for the clerk and the lawn-maintenance man was "not an easy transition."

  • William "Bud" Post, won $16.2 million in the Pennsylvania Lottery

    He had a brother who tried to have him killed for the inheritance. Post lost and spent all his winnings. He was living off Social Security when he died in January.

  • in 1997, Billie Bob Harrell Jr. won a 31 million Texas lottery

    Two years after winning, Billie Bob Harrell Jr. committed suicide. He had bought cars, real estate, gave money to his family, church and friends. After his death it was not clear whether there was money left for estate taxes.

  • Victoria Zell

    Victoria Zell, who shared an $11 million Powerball jackpot with her husband in 2001, is serving time in a Minnesota prison, her money gone. Zell was convicted in March 2005 in a drug- and alcohol-induced collision that killed one person and paralyzed another.

  • Evelyn Adams died penniless

    she won the New Jersey Lottery twice, in 1985 and 1986, for a total $5.4 million, gambled and gave away all of her money. She was poor by 2001, and living in a trailer.