In the Facebook group All About Tri-Cities Washington, someone was asking who has the best chicken wings in our area. In fact, the person who posted the question said that he and his friends or wing aficionados and wanted to find some spots that they haven't tried. So chicken wing fans chimed in!

Buffalo Wild Wings received good marks as did Grey's Wings and Things. I had never heard of Grey's Wings and Things So I had to look them up. They are in Sunnyside and apparently pretty popular. The Palm Bar and Grill is on the list out of Benton City, and Uncle Sam's Saloon got a couple of mentions as well. Lots of people seem to miss Jackson's as they said they were really good dry rub wings. The original buffalo chicken wings were made in Buffalo New York with melted butter and Frank's Red Hot Sauce. I usually make my own wings at home with Frank's Red Hot Wing Sauce. It's just a little easier than using the hot sauce alone and kind of skips a couple of steps for you.

4th Base pizza and wings made the list of recommendations and they actually have a hot wing challenge! If you can eat 10 of their hottest wings in 10 minutes with a 5 minute wait time and nothing to drink, you get a T-shirt and your picture on the Wall of Flame! You will have to sign a waiver before you start.

The Pub, Amendment XXI, and of course Chicken Shack are all local favorites that made the list. One commenter said the wings from Pizza Hut. I've had those and they're not bad!

But if you have an air-fryer, your favorite wings are pretty easy to make at home. Just season the wings with Johnny's Seasoning Salt and cook. Then toss them in a bowl with your favorite ready-made wing sauce. (Yes, wing sauce goes on LAST). Sweet Baby Rays has a wings sauce now that I have yet to try. I'm sure I will sooner or later, but for now we just like Franks because it's got that classic hot wing flavor.

If you like making your favorite restaurant foods at home, you'll be interested in what's below!


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