You may recognize her. Not just because she is from the Tri-Cities, but she also had an entry in our 12th Man Showdown Photo Contest to win tickets to the Seattle Seahawks NFC Divisonal game against the New Orleans Saints. Not to take anything away from Braiden Sanders, our contestant who actually won those tickets, but McKenzie Brown was very close to taking home the prize herself...and rightfully so! Not only did she shave half of her head, but she got a 12th Man themed tattoo on her newly shaved skull! She did this to win OUR contest, but came up a few votes short.

She is now going for a much bigger prize in a much bigger contest - Super Bowl tickets from Ellen!

Use the Facebook/Twitter share buttons to spread the word to all of your friends and let's get this '12th Man' some exposure to Ellen. Good luck, McKenzie! We want to see you at the Super Bowl rooting on the Seahawks against the Broncos!

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