Every single time I sit down at a Mexican restaurant, I always end up ordering enchiladas. And while I do have some skills in the kitchen, I have never been able to make enchiladas at home that were even close to as delicious as what I get from a restaurant.

So when I ran across this story from NBC Right Now, I was pretty excited. After watching the video of Xochitl Hernandez and her mother, I realized how many things I was doing wrong!

One is to start out with the right sauce. While Mama Xochitl usually makes her own enchilada sauce, I was glad to see her take this shortcut because that's pretty much the way I would prefer to do it.

It starts with Las Palmas Red Chili Sauce. That's the first mistake...I've been buying the wrong thing! Tomato sauce and seasonings are mixed in including sugar. I would not have guessed that. (The video explains it all).

Then there's the matter of the tortillas. I've always used corn tortillas but I never fried them. I'm not sure why, I guess I just didn't know how to do it right, and I appreciate the recommendation of getting the Guerrero brand tortillas.

Once you see her put this wonderful concoction together you'll see that making great enchiladas is not really that hard and I'm excited to try this recipe at home. Thank you Xochitl and hugs to your Mama!

To watch the video from NBC Right Now and get the full recipe, click HERE.


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