Meet Blake Reid, a 6 year boy from Walla Walla who believes the world could use a little more love. Blake approached his Mom (Derri) one day and said "Mommy, I want to design a shirt" so she obliged him by cutting out a piece of paper into the shape of a shirt and sent him off to design. He went into his room and a short time later he came out with a design. She had absolutely no idea what it was, it looked like just a few lines on t-shirt shaped scetch pad. Blake explained it was the "I love you sign, in sign language." Blake has a student at his school who is deaf and that is where he had learned it from.

These shirts are very popular right now amoungst teachers, friends and family. We are very excited to announce that they are available for sale and you can help spread Blakes idea of love! To purchase your shirt you can click the button below. Profits from the shirt will go to an account for Blakes college account and the family is also looking into helping charities with a portion of their proceeds. Way to go Blake!


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