I love this time of year. It makes for long days if you want to catch both the sunrise and sunset, but June has traditionally had some spectacular weather and color eye candy. Even though technically, Saturday's amazing sunrise lightning show was in May.

Sunset tonight happens at 8:42 p.m. and it'll continue to stay lighter later until the 21st of this month, when the days will begin to get shorter again.

Ever since I moved to the Tri-Cities from Spokane in 1993, I've thoroughly enjoyed most all of the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. They never disappoint. I know many, many people like me hustle to grab the phone about 25 minutes before sunrise if you can tell some money colors are in the works, and then, when and if the lightning strikes and the thunder rolls, out come my goose bumps because a good Mother Nature show is surely not to be missed. And don't call me Shirley.

I was up early Saturday morning, even before the thunder started to rattle everything, because I had a feeling with a hot day forecast, and with unsettled conditions supposedly moving in, it might make for some interesting colors.

Yeah, it sure did. I know you've seen much more stellar shots online, but these were all captured right outside my deck and for about 270 degrees all around, it was literally, electric.

270 Degrees of Lightning

Rain, some breeze and unsettled conditions is the forecast for this weekend, so if there's a chance of showers, there's always a chance for a show.

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