If you are headed out this weekend, there are a few mountain passes near the Tri-Cities that are expecting snow at the higher elevations. 

The weather has been fairly mild in the Tri-Cities with rain sprinkles here and there but overall weather has been pretty middle.

Are We Getting Snow In The Tri-Cities This Weekend?

If you are headed out to the higher elevations, that could change this weekend as snow is going to start to fall on our area passes.

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In an article from KING-5, reports are saying that snow levels will drop below 3000 feet by Sunday.

What's The Snow Level Going To Be This Weekend?

Snow could even reach 2500 feet over the weekend which means Snoqualmie Pass could see snow and we know that can always make for a tough travel weekend.

Stevens Pass and Blewett Pass are already seeing snow and traction tires are advised if you are headed over those passes. Snoqualmie Pass could see snow if the snow level drops to 3000 to 2500 feet.

Here's something that you might not be aware of, I know I wasn't until I saw this notification from the Washington State Patrol.

I was completely unaware that if you are traveling through Washington passes, if the sign says all vehicles carry chains, it's the law that you have chains in your vehicles no matter if you have 4WD and AWD.

The Law Says You Have To Carry Chains With You During Winter

It was something I was unaware of.

If you are headed out through the passes this weekend, you can always check the travel cams here and you can read more details about the upcoming weekend weather here.

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