Ive asked several experts here in the Tri-Cities about lawn care, Here is a list that might come in handy.


  • 1

    Wearing Shoes with spikes

    Wearing golf shoes or other spikes bottom shoes won't do much good..aerating your lawn requires more! aerating is to reduce soil compaction. sorry kids, go rent the proper machine.

  • 2

    Watering in the evening is the best time

    morning time is the best! (between 4am - 10am) watering the evening or night can create water to linger on the blades of grass and possibly cause fungus. remember watering during the hot day will cause evaporation and probably not enough deep watering.

  • 3

    Fertilize only in the summer

    a good old fashion fertilizing starts in the spring, summer and fall (3 times a year is perfect)

  • 4

    A mulching lawn mower can create to much build-up

    Thatch Build-up starts by watering too much and over fertilizing.Leaving grass clippings is good for the soil and puts nutrients back into the soil.

  • 5

    Cutting grass too short is a problem

    I know several people that do a short cut and always seem to have a patchy color variation. face it gang, your grass doesn't like to be butchered.The dirt underneath is exposed to the hot sun and can dry out, it gives easy access for weeds to start.

  • 6

    Watering Everyday

    Now this is one tip I'm scared to try...yet I keep hearing it over and over.

    evidently your lawn can get needy over daily watering,. making it drought intolerant. ( especially when irrigation is shut down unexpectedly)

    Ive been told choose one day a week and water for an hour.

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