FACT: Men are pigs and we think about sex all the time. We're just wired that way and we can't help it. Nature's plan is to make sure that males inseminate as many females as possible to insure the growth of the species. But societal humans have deemed this inappropriate.

I sounded kinda smart just there, yeah?

Well I'm just your average male pig, too. Hey you can fantasize all you want, but acting on it ... NO!

The worst of men are child predators. They can not be fixed, execute them all.

But we're really talking about is MEN IN POWER right now. Movie producers who can make you a star if you "put-out" or the local manager who could promote you.

I can't even tell you how glad I am that this is coming to light, and how sad I am that so many of my favorite people are accused.

Actor James Franco was called out by actress Ally Sheedy after  last night's Golden Globe Awards. Apparently seeing him brought back some terrible memories.

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