BFHD issues significant restrictions for Homecoming events (BFHD)
BFHD issues significant restrictions for Homecoming events (BFHD)

The Benton Franklin Health District has released "guidance" for area school districts, concerning their homecoming dance events. The information shows it was last updated September 17th, 2021. In particular, we became aware of Kennewick School District policies.


We have seen an email with information that has been confirmed being sent to KaHS parents-students regarding admission to homecoming. The BFHD guidance "recommends" students be required to do the following:

"Require testing for all attendees who are not fully vaccinated (including staff and volunteers)

"It is recommended that students submit consent to test forms or have consent forms on file, prior to purchasing tickets. The following testing options are acceptable:

  •  Negative rapid test the day of the event
  • Negative PCR test 2-3 days prior to event (must submit proof prior to attending)"

It also says this in the BFHD information:

"Schools must follow the Washington State Department of Health's K-12 Schools Requirements for all events hosted by or associated with a K-12 School."

These requirements also include the use of masks and six-foot social distancing.

It is also going to utilize Contact Tracing:

"Schools are required to keep a list of all event attendees. If any attendees test positive after attending an event, and were considered to be in their infections period while attending, the school must notify BFHD of positive cases and identified close contacts immediately. "

KaHS by way of email
KaHS by way of email

The KaHS email contained this information as well but says students, faculty and others attending the Sept. 25th homecoming event "must" provide proof of vaccination, or follow the guidelines we listed earlier that came from the BFHD.

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Because this was sent out from the BFHD, it is presumed it's being utilized at all area HS events such as this. Robin Chastain of the KSD, who handles PR and Communications, responded quickly to an email we sent, and simply informed us of the BFHD criteria they were sent and included a link. 

So it appears KSD and other HS students will have to prove vaccination or undergo testing prior to the event be allowed to participate.

 As of this writing, we do NOT have any official verification if Richland or Pasco are employing similar measures (or other schools) at their homecoming events.

 BUT because it is from the BFHD, it's likely this will occur at all high schools in the two counties. 


It will be interesting to see what effects this has on attendance.

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