Although Kennewick has continued to grow and numerous elementary and an additional middle school added, coming in February would likely be the biggest investment in high schools made in years.

February 2018 Kennewick School District will ask voters to approve a bond that would not only renovate and add on to Kamiakin and Southridge, but build a completely new Kennewick High School, to replace the aging structure downtown.

The bond would expand Kamiakin by 12 classrooms, parking, to accomodate up to 2,000 students and would greatly renovate and remodel the Ron Redden track and field facility at the school.

Southridge, the newest of the high schools, would also gain 12 more classrooms and room for 2,000 students.

But the BIG one is a completely new building for Kennewick High School. It would build a two-story school to accomodate 2,000 students and incorporate the existing Lion's Den gym and auditorium in the new design.

In addition, Amistand Elementary would be replaced, Ridgeview in southwest Kennewick would be replaced or remodeled and an 18th as yet unnamed elementary would be built. the target date for all of these except Ridgeview and school 18 would be no later than 2021.

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