Starting today, January 30, until February 14, Krispy Kreme Doughnut shops will be offering their conversational-heart-shaped doughnuts to celebrate Valentines Day! They will offer four different fillings inside their colorful doughnuts: a yummy cake batter, a chocolate kreme filling, a raspberry filling and a strawberries and cream.

We had a dozen delicious treats delivered to the station this morning and I had first pick! I chose the bright yellow heart that read "LOVE" and was filled with the cake batter filling and OH MY GOODNESS was it delicious!

So, instead of the same old box of chocolates for her this Valentines Day maybe you want to think outside of the heart-shaped box and get her a dozen conversational DOUGHNUTS!

This is not a paid endorsement or a sponsored blog, this is just Janis' feeling today about these delicious deep-fried balls of dough!!


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