The Kennewick police are reporting that at least two people have been contacted at their work from a fake Benton County Deputy about missing jury duty and threatened with jail if they don't pay a fine over the phone.

The main difference with this jury duty scam is that they are contacting the victims through their work place. After the fake officer contacts the victims work, they are called into a meeting in their bosses office on the phone.

The fake officer is ghosting the phone number so it seems like they are calling from the Benton Police Department.

They claim the victim owes a fine and can pay with Green Dot cash cards and give the serial numbers to them over the phone.

KPD wants people to know that no law enforcement office neither the IRS contact people over the phone and demand payment. They also do not use cash transfer cards, gift cards, money grams, or quick cash transfers for payment options.

If you think you have been contacted by these scammers, contact the Kennewick police at (509)628-0333.

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