This is so cool.

Officer Greiber, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, is still thinking about his community here in the Tri-Cities and had a great message for all of us on Memorial Day.

We thank Officer Greiber for his service and are excited for him to return home safely to continue his service to the residents of Kennewick.

Officer Greiber shared a Memorial Day message last year from Columbia Park, and boy, what a difference a year makes.

Officer Greiber filmed and posted his message while the sun was setting on Memorial Day in Afghanistan, as the Memorial Day sun was just rising over Tri-Cities, eleven-and-a-half-hours earlier, interestingly, than the time in Kabul.

Officer Greiber describes what Memorial Day is really all about, honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, as Officer Greiber says, "To bring the light of liberty to the oppressed around the world. Let their last measure of devotion be an example in yours or your family's lives...honor them we be kind, be generous and be understanding as well as forgiving."

Greiber continued in his message, "Honor them by being the best version of yourself, full of passion, curiosity and hope. America has always been strongest when the sum of all of our differences are united in shared sacrifice, shared effort and a shared cause. Through honoring them, we will truly remain, indivisible."

Thank you for your service, sir, and may you return home safely, and get back on duty here in Kennewick.

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