If you like country music and live anywhere between the Tri-Cities and South Africa, you probably know the name, Ed Dailey. Ed's been on-air for 50 years now, with 23 of those behind the Legends of Country mic here at the KORD studios. He is broadcast worldwide. All you have to do is listen for a few minutes to find out who Ed really is. What you hear is what you get. Honest and caring, helping the homeless, hosting events and singing, Ed does it all. And his story telling abilities are the best in the business.

In fact, Ed's granddaughter wrote an award winning paper on her beloved grandpa:

My Grandpa is kind of famous. He does funerals and weddings, he helps the homeless. He also works at Tri-Tech. He is the radio and broadcasting most people know him "Ed Dailey." Most of the time he cannot walk through the store without a calming hello. Even on sad days he will be there to slay the day. To me he is a total inspiration. I am proud to call him Grandpa.

Congratulations on an incredible 50 year milestone, ED. Let's go for 70!

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