Speaking one's truth isn't always easy, but Kip Moore has never had a problem saying how he feels. So when asked in a recent interview about how he's been lately, the Georgia native was honest.

“People see the glitz and the glamor side if it, but I’m beat," Moore confesses in an interview with Albany radio station WGNA-FM. “Since the beginning of June, I have slept in my bed seven times.”

He knows he's not alone — Moore says many of country music's top artists feel unstable at times, revealing that they tend to find comfort in one another, because they know what everyone else is going through.

“There is a lot of mental instability," he insists. "When you get with a bunch of artists, they finally feel safe. They are like, ‘I’m losing my mind.’ We all kind of come to each other to find safe ground.”

But Moore — like the others — soldiers on. He's currently on the third leg of his Room to Spare: Acoustic Tour alongside special guests Tucker Beathard, Devin Dawson and Kylie Morgan.

"What happens is you feel like you are on the verge of a spiritual and mental breakdown, and then you get out there and the fans give you this new life and you're like, ‘Ok, I can get through this.' And you start having a good time,” says the multi-platinum singer-songwriter, who recently released an official music video for his current single "She’s Mine." “When it’s over, your body is ready to crash again."

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