The trend began a few months ago on the controversial app Tik-Tok.

Some national news sources say they've been able to trace it back to the original poster who 'created' it. It's called Devious Licks.

It began as a theft challenge. Students were urged to steal an item from school, then take it home and stage a "dramatic" removal or unveiling from their backpack. But then it spread. Now, it's spread (like cancer) to include other dangerous and damaging dares.

So much so that this week the Kennewick School District emailed parents, urging them to talk with their kids about this growing issue. They want to urge them that it's not funny or cool, and can result in criminal charges.

We reached out to the District and asked if vandalism or other issues have resulted. We have not heard back, but we have several unconfirmed reports of damage and vandalism at several schools, even involving the brand new Kennewick High School.

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We were told some students ripped soap dispensers off or out of the walls, and similar acts of (in our opinion) stupidity.

The email from KSD read in part:

"This behavior has impacted some secondary schools in our district, resulting in a significant cost to replace damaged or stolen property, and maintenance and custodial staff time to repair or replace equipment. 

It has recently come to our attention that there are more challenges posted on social media that span the remainder of this school year, and we are reaching out to our families to enlist your help. These are not harmless pranks; most, if not all of the challenges, have the potential to result in serious consequences including suspension, expulsion, police involvement and monetary fines."

Here's hoping parents and students realize how senseless this is, and there's far better ways to socially interact on digital and social media than some stupid Tik Tok Challenge.


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