Every time I look for something around the house, my wife tells me that I'm no detective because it's usually right in front of me. I watch a lot of true-crime TV shows, and she usually figures out who did it long before I do. But if you think you were cut out to be a detective, here's your chance to prove it! An outdoor adventure game is coming to Kennewick in October, and you can sign up for it now. Can you find the Kennewick Ripper? Tickets are $42.50 (with the current discount they are running) for a team of up to 6 players. It usually takes about 2-3 hours to solve the mystery. This is an app-based game, so once you sign up, you'll be given instructions on where to meet and download the app. Prizes will be awarded in several categories, and one of those is the best-dressed team, so start on your detective garb/costume. You and your team will be traveling around Kennewick to gather clues, interview virtual subjects, and solve the crime. Game day is Oct. 2nd, 2021.  For all the details, click HERE.



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