Kennewick Police are on the hunt for a bright red 1998 Honda Prelude that was stolen in the 1000 block of W. Park Hills Dr.

The owner filed a report that RP his red 1993 Honda Prelude WA# BFK4025 was stolen.

According to the owner's report, no one has permission to use it.

Below is a pic of what this make and model looks like. If you see the vehicle please call The KPD at 628-0333.

facebook/kennewick police
facebook/kennewick police

Kennewick Police are reminding owners that if you own a 80's or 90's Honda sedan, they are recently being stolen left and right here in Kennewick.

Make sure yours is locked up. If the locks & ignition are the original, you might save yourself some grief if you consider getting the locks/ignition changed.

The older locks get worn out and it makes it easier for thieves to use a shaved Honda key to open the door and start the ignition.

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